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There are a plethora of companies that offer post-construction cleaning services. It’s only fair that you find it tough to pick out the right one. Regardless of the establishment that employs construction cleaning services, it’s pivotal to measure all the choices and make a prudent decision.

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No matter the amount of work you’ve had done on your house, buildings or premises, it is imperative to have it squeaky clean at the end of the day.

Putting the finishing touches after work is done is a crucial part of the work. Polishing off and wiping that last speck of dust can never be taken for granted.

Post-construction cleaning refers to the cleaning done after the construction has been completed. It caters to provide the final touches by cleaning out the finer details. However, it is a scrupulous task that can’t take any complacency, nowhere near the same as wiping off the floor or sweeping.

Amongst a host of services that fall under the umbrella of Post Construction Cleaning, here are a few listed to give you a perspective :

Gathering large chunks of wastes or debris such as wooden scraps, tape, cardboard boxes, plasterboard, remaining amounts of paint and cement lying around.

Ensuring the safety of the establishment – cleaning around wires, electrical fixtures, and other safety problems. Also, reporting said problems to the construction authorities.

Ceilings, lighting services, heaters being meticulous cleaned to ensure application.

Thorough cleaning of all corners including door edges, shelves, crevices, closets and cabinets. Not a single strip of dust should remain.

  • Dusting of walls
  • Cleaning of doorknobs and light switches, sockets to ensure no dust enters.
  • Meticulous cleaning of bathroom showers, tiles, sinks, and tubs. Ensuring the faucets and mirrors are crystal clear.
  • Wiping the dust-off medicine cabinets
  • Window blinds and screens are washed off thoroughly.
  • Vacuuming floors and carpets

There is a process when it comes to post-construction cleaning; it’s not a walk in the park. A list of three steps or stages of cleaning that help finish off work and add final touches after the construction. The services listed above belong to those three gradual stages. They are as listed below:

Rough Construction Cleaning

This refers to general cleaning of the premises. This stage comes in after the crucial installation of plumbing, electrical works and overall framing. Starting from the removal of garbage, larger debris and other wastes. Bigger wastes that can’t be wiped or vacuumed like the leftover of used materials also belong to this stage. This is followed by the usual vacuuming and sweeping of floors and carpets. Removing the stickers off appliances, equipment and furniture is also done.

Light Construction Cleaning

Now, this phase is the reason you employ post-construction cleaning services. The stage is all about scrupulous cleaning of everything on the premises, especially the finer features. It also uses a lot of equipment and cleaning tools.

Kitchens and washrooms require a thorough cleanup which makes them a priority in this stage. Sinks, faucets, crevices and tubs are cleaned to perfection to perfection. Mirrors and windows are scoured while cabinets are cleaned both inside and out.

Final Construction Cleaning

This refers to putting in the final touches once the construction and above-listed stages are done. It is more or less punctuation at the end of a finished sentence. Usually, this doesn’t take a lot of time and carries a lot less workload.

General tasks include wiping off fingerprints, specks and marks. Further removal of blemishes from the areas that were cleaned in the previous stages. Also, this phase comes in after a few days after the first two are done, namely a week or two as dust tends to settle in.

Simply following a renovation guide or deeming those services as a bunch of DIYs might prove costly and short-sighted. That might lead to slip-ups and even injuries if not done correctly, making it all the more imperative to go for professional services. It is crucial to think of this process as essential and not extraneous.

A deeper look at the reasons for hiring construction cleaning services provides us with more insight. These include

Professionals are equipped with the required set of skills to get the job done. This can’t be overlooked as doing it yourself might lead to damage to the property and yourself. Ticking off all the boxes in the list of chores is the right way.

Years of experience and prowess ensure that the property is ready to move in for use.

Ensures you don’t get swarmed with menial tasks so you can focus on your actual jobs and other chores.

Makes sure that you don’t have to jeopardize your life as post-construction cleaning include risks as well. Removal of broken glass, checking electrical setup, removal of abandoned screws, nails, scabs, pieces of wood can lead to cuts and bruises or worse – infection.

As stated above, professionals are better suited with actual equipment and experience preventing any needless injuries.

In the long run, you’re saving money! Taking up these chores as DIY require buying a lot of cleaning products and maybe even equipment. Meanwhile paying your custom assembled workers, who may lack experience, is a coin flip at best.

Unsatisfactory work means a tremendous waste of money and time. Experience is essential in post-construction services – being swift, careful and responsible with their duties. Overall, it’s a better deal to finish off work on your property, save money and spare yourself the trouble.


It’s important to realize that post-construction cleaning is a meticulous venture and comprises of a set of complex tasks. Without these tasks, you can’t expect the quality finish on any premise. Therefore, it is quite prudent to hire construction cleaning services and not leave the process incomplete.

Assessing the price, experience and proximity of services available is quite important in making your choice. However, ensuring that your property is finished and polished is essential as an owner.

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