Can I trust Enterprise Building Services?

Since our inception, we have been committed to paying competitive wages and using only experienced, trustworthy commercial cleaners living here locally. All of our cleaning team members are also insured and bonded. Our name is everything so be assured you will get the highest quality of cleaning anywhere in the area.

What areas does your commercial cleaning company serve?

We serve the entire Chicagoland area and suburbs.

How often do you clean buildings or offices?

Our cleaning crews are available anytime. We can clean daily, weekly, monthly or even just one time.

Can you clean entire buildings or multiple buildings?

Yes, absolutely! We tailor our cleaning services to your specific needs.

Does someone need to be present at the business for you to clean?

No, we can clean during whatever hours you prefer — during business hours or after hours work for us just as well.

Will your company clean after special events?

100%! Just call in advance to schedule a special cleaning, so we are prepared to fully accommodate you.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

Unfortunately, we cannot ensure accuracy over the phone, so this is not an option. We are available to schedule quotes Monday thru Saturday.

What does a typical cleaning service look like?

At EBS Commercial Clean, we provide a wide array of cleaning service packages to meet the needs of different projects. We are expert in varieties of cleaning services like commercial building cleaning, office cleaning etc . We thoroughly wipe out the open surfaces of commercial premises and disinfect all door handles, countertops, phones, desktops etc. Finally, we finish every project by vacuuming and cleaning the floors so you space looks new.

Do I pay for an estimate

No, we offer free estimate on request. If you are really interested in our cleaning services then you can call us at (708) 296-9650 to setup an appointment. One of our cleaning supervisors will visit your commercial premise to perform a free assessment. We provide the complete budget estimate within 24 hours of the assessment.

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