Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Floor Strip and Wax
Floor Strip and Wax

High levels of foot traffic wreak havoc on commercial floors. Over time, the floors lose their shine and luster and are filled with unsightly scuff marks. Enterprise Building Services can restore your floorings with our stripping and waxing services. This aggressive restoration technique will make your floors look like new without the cost or the time commitment. Find out more about our commercial floor strip and wax services and contact us for a free quote.

Steps Involved in Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing

Wax protects commercial floors from stains, scratches, and other imperfections. Over time, as more and more people walk on the floor, the wax begins to wear down. When that happens, buffing and scrubbing the floor isn’t enough to make it shine. That means it’s time to strip and wax the floor.

Our Chicago floor strip and wax services include three steps. First, we strip the floor, removing the dirt, debris, and previous layer of wax. Once the floor is bare, we move onto step two. During this step, we apply a sealant and then buff the floor. This brightens the floor and makes its shine. Finally, we tackle the third step. We employ a coat of wax to protect the floor so it can accommodate the heavy foot traffic that goes through your commercial property.

Maintaining Your Floors With a Stripping and Waxing Schedule

Clean, well-maintained floors help you make a good impression. When floors look dirty and scuffed, people can’t help but pass judgment. To ensure that you always make the best impression, you need to follow a schedule for getting your floors stripped and waxed.

Floors that receive up to medium levels of foot traffic should be stripped and waxed annually. However, commercial floors that receive high levels of traffic should be stripped and waxed at least every six months.

We can set up a schedule, or you can contact us as needed. Either way, our stripping and waxing services will make your floors shine.

The Latest Equipment at Your Service

Floor stripping and waxing requires different types of equipment. Flooring equipment has evolved quite a bit over the years, and the latest offerings are more effective and efficient. We are proud to announce that we use the latest equipment for our stripping and waxing services. This equipment is designed to strip floors and restore their previous luster efficiently. If you want top-notch results, this is critical.

Services for Different Floor Types

We provide commercial floor strip and wax services for different floor types. While some companies use the same chemicals and equipment regardless of the floor type, that is a huge mistake and can damage the floors. With experience working with all floor types, we understand what equipment and chemicals to use to get the right results.

After Hours Service Available

If you run a busy company, you don’t want to have your floors stripped and waxed during the day. That will annoy employees and drive away customers. We offer our Chicago strip and wax services after hours as needed. We can easily accommodate any schedule, and the best part is you don’t have to be on the premises for us to work.

Stripping and Waxes for Buildings of All Sizes

Our stripping and waxing services are available for jobs of all sizes, ranging from a single floor to floors in multiple buildings. We have a large crew available to handle the work, and even if it’s large, we will finish it quickly while still addressing every detail.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

Our locally owned and operated commercial cleaning company offers fair prices. Our affordable prices make it easy for people to take care of their flooring, even if money is tight. When you address flooring issues today, you also save money down the road since the floor will last longer.  

Let Us Create a Package for You

We offer full commercial cleaning packages that include stripping and waxing services. While we can provide a single strip and wax service, you also have the option of purchasing a comprehensive package. This can include carpet cleaning, office cleaning, and more. As a full-service cleaning solution, we can easily handle all your needs.

Begin the process by calling 708-296-9650 to schedule a quote. We will visit your property, go over your needs, and then provide a customized quote.

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