Chicagoland Commercial Condo Cleaning Services

Condo Maintenance
Condo Maintenance

Condo associations and property management companies tend to stay busy. From finding and managing tenants to advertising for new properties, it’s typical to have full schedules each day. Finding time to clean condos and apartments properly before renting to new tenants can seem like an impossible task.

Even if the association members or management teams have the time, they probably don’t have the equipment necessary to do the job correctly. Enterprise Building Services offers condo cleaning services in Chicago and surrounding areas. With our help, your condo or apartment will be ready for the new tenant.

Fast Services for Your Needs

Property managers and condo association members know there’s never such a thing as a dull moment when it comes to real estate. You could go to bed one night with every unit full, only to wake up and realize that someone left in the middle of the night, leaving garbage and debris behind. The longer the condo or apartment stays empty, the more money you’ll lose, so you need a cleaning company to come out quickly, provide an estimate, and get to work.

Our Chicagoland condo maintenance services are designed to work around your schedule. We know the clock is ticking, so your project will be a priority. Once we are finished, you can list the property and secure a renter or buyer.

Keep the Entire Property Sparkling

Property managers and condo associations also have to keep the public spaces, including clubhouses and rental offices, clean. If those areas begin to look dirty, tenants might move out. Our condo maintenance services extend to the public domains on the property. We can come out for a one-time cleaning or put you on a regular cleaning schedule. Our cleaning packages are affordable and will ensure that your property continues to shine.

Post-renovation and Construction Cleaning

If you’re renovating or building a new condo or apartment building, post-construction cleaning is a must. Your condo or apartment won’t be move-in ready until it’s properly cleaned. We provide post-construction cleaning as part of our offerings for property managers and condo associations. Our three-phase post-construction cleaning protocol ensures that the unit or building will be ready for tenants or owners quickly. We can even work with the construction company to ensure that we are onsite when needed. That way, the project will stay on track.

Stellar Attention to Detail

Some Chicago companies do a quick sweep of the property, so it looks clean from a distance. Our experienced team understands the importance of details and will ensure that everything is cleaned. From door handles to windowsill, they don’t forget a thing. We encourage you to do a spot test when we leave the property. After you do, you’ll understand why we are the go-to- choice for condo and apartment cleaning in Chicago.

Quality Disinfectants

Condos and apartments tend to accommodate lots of traffic. From residents to visitors, people file in each day, leaving germs behind. We use hospital-grade disinfectants when cleaning apartments and condos. These disinfectants kill germs, giving people peace of mind, and helping them stay healthy.

Special Event Cleaning

Hosting special events is one of the best parts of managing condos and apartments. Special events bring the community together, but they also cause a mess. We can clean up after your special occasions so your property will look like it did before the gathering. Instead of handling this headache yourself, let us work for you.

Friendly and Professional

Maintaining a professional reputation is important, so you need to take special care when hiring a Chicago condo maintenance company. Our highly trained, experienced staff will put everyone at ease. They are friendly and professional, and your residents will be pleased that you chose them to clean the property.

Get a Free Quote for Our Chicago Condo and Apartment Cleaning Services

Cleaning condos and apartments is a big job, and you need to hire a company that is up to the challenge. Over the years, we have proven that we are the right choice for condo and apartment cleaning services. From the individual units to the public spaces, we can handle the entire job.

Contact us to schedule a time for a representative to visit the property and provide a quote. Then we will work out a timeline and get ready to clean.

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