The Best Commercial Cleaning Services in the Chicago Area

Commercial Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning Services

Unless you have a dedicated cleaning crew, your commercial space probably isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be. From floors to desks and bathrooms, it seems like there’s always something that needs cleaning. Fortunately, you do not have to handle the job yourself. Enterprise Building Services provides a full range of commercial cleaning services.

Whether you need us to clean your office building, prepare your condo for the next renter, or get property move-in ready after construction, we are the only company you’ll need. Learn more about our services and find out why so many Chicagoland business owners choose us for their commercial cleaning needs.    

Office Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean office is an essential aspect of running a successful business. First, of course, customers will judge you on the space. If they see overflowing trash cans, dusty shelves, and dirty bathrooms, they might not trust you enough to hand over their money. An unclean office is also harmful to your employees. It’s full of germs and bacteria, and dust is flying around in the air, making people sick. You can use our Chicago office cleaning services to solve all these problems. Fast, efficient, and affordable, our team can handle the cleaning so you can run a successful business.

Carpet Cleaning Services

You’ve invested lots of money into your company’s carpet, and you don’t want to replace it. Fortunately, our carpet cleaning services can turn back the clock and make your carpet look like new. From difficult to clean stains to odors, we can handle it all.

Floor Strip and Wax Services

Restore your floor’s luster and shine with our floor stripping and waxing services. We will remove the old coat of wax and debris, seal and buff the floors, and then add a coat of wax. This is the best way of eliminating scuffs and other imperfections on the floors. If you want floors that look like new without the cost, you’ll love this service.

Condo Maintenance Services

If you are a property manager or part of the condo association, you understand the importance of keeping units full. You know how challenging it is to prepare a unit for a new renter. We take the stress out of the equation by providing condo cleaning services for our Chicagoland clients. We can also clean public spaces and even clean up after events.

Post-construction Services

Undergoing new construction or a renovation is exciting, but it’s hard to deal with the mess. Between the dust and debris, the property needs to undergo a thorough cleaning to be inhabitable. Our post-construction cleaning services include rough, light, and touch-up cleaning. When we complete the service, you’ll be ready to move into your property. It will be so clean that you will be amazed that it was once full of dust and debris.

Commercial Cleaning Services From an Experienced Local Staff

When people talk about Enterprise Building Services, they can’t help but rave about the staff. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Our company is staffed with local Chicagoland residents who love to serve the people of the community. They are experienced commercial cleaners and know how to use the best techniques and methods to get the job done. Polite and professional, they are also highly efficient and effective.

We Use the Best Equipment

Some Chicago commercial cleaning companies use equipment that looks like it came from another era. Just because equipment still runs doesn’t mean it should still be in use. We use the latest equipment. New machines are more efficient and effective, so our clients will get the best service possible.

Health and Safety Are a Priority

Our Chicago commercial cleaning company prioritizes health and safety. We only use hospital-grade disinfectants for high touch areas. This disinfectant makes workspaces healthier and safer, leading to fewer sick days.

We Work Around Your Schedule

We understand that commercial cleaning during the workday can be disruptive. You can schedule us to come out before or after regular business hours if you prefer. Then you won’t have to worry about your employees being distracted.

Get a Free Quote Today

If you want to have clean commercial spaces, we are just a phone call away. You can call 708-296-9650 to schedule a free estimate. You can achieve the clean commercial spaces you want without all the stress with our help.

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