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A clean and healthy space keeps everyone in place. It’s difficult for people to leave a place that they find inviting—where they can be comfortable. At the office, employees do better if they have a clean environment surrounding them. But offices are not easy to clean alone. You will need the help of a professional to do the work. Enterprise Building Services is the company you can trust for professional office cleaning services. Schedule your office cleaning today by calling us at (708) 296-9650. Achieve a clean and organized office. Maintain a clean environment for yourself, your family, and your colleagues at work. Check out the different cleaning services we offer. Contact the cleaning service near you today. Leave a good impression on your guests with a cleaning service from us today.

Different Ways Of Office Cleaning

If you were to hire a cleaning service, check if they do more than just the work. We want a squeaky clean office that would be inviting to everyone who comes and go. Sitting at your desk, the whole desk can still accumulate dirt. We sometimes chew, sneeze, and cough. We touch many objects and sometimes spill over our desks. This happens day after day. We do not realize how many germs gather each day. Aside from the bacteria building up, there are clutters and messes. Focusing is more difficult if we are busy enough due to a dirty work space. Check out these tips to ensure a squeaky-clean office:

1. Remove All The Dust

Dust can gather everywhere, especially in the smallest corners. You must be meticulous when cleaning to ensure no dust will be left. When removing dust, use a damp microfiber cloth. Make sure to wipe down all surfaces. Remove all the files and folders as you wipe your desk. You might overlook some areas in your office, like the power strip. This is behind the desk, fan blades, or window sills. Check the top of your monitor, too, because this is where dust gathers. Check every corner to make sure there will be no more dust in your office.

2. Use A Vacuum

Cleaning involves cleaning everything from top to bottom. A company like EBS Commercial Cleaning can assure you that every corner of your office is clean. Make sure to vacuum your furniture and carpet. EBS Commercial Cleaning also includes office carpet cleaning. You can also do this for the surfaces of your desk. Pay attention to the areas where dust gathers the most. Vacuum up the loose dirt that the cloth wasn’t able to get.

a man cleaning carpet within a room
Office Carpet Cleaning

3. Make Sure To Disinfect

People come and go inside our offices. Even sitting in front of our desks makes us touch many things that can create bacteria. Bacteria can move from one place to another with mouse clicks and phone calls. Always include your mouse and office phone in disinfecting. Accessories like keypads, headsets, and mouthpieces can gather bacteria too. 

4. Consistency On Cleaning

Cleaning will be useless if you don’t do it regularly. Create a reminder on your calendar. Make sure to clean and organize your desk every week. Developing a cleaning routine makes it easier every time you clean your place. The dirt will not gather in one place. You can always keep disinfectant wipes near your desk. Remaining dirt and dust between cleaning days will not be difficult. A regular quick wipe-down will make your cleaning easier, and you will not notice it. 

Ways On How To Organize My Office?

  • Removing Clutter

Part of organizing your office is removing all the clutter that doesn’t belong there. If you don’t use it anymore, remove it. Keeping a few plants and photos will be acceptable. But if the clutter has been sitting there for months, think about it. Clutter can also take up space on your desk. Remove it before it builds up into a pile.

  • The “Two” Zones

Create “two” zones on your desk. One is for your computer work, and the second is for your non-computer work. This will help you become more organized in the workplace. You know the right place to do certain work without getting overwhelmed. 

  • Storage For Everything

Your office desk will always need a place to have a home where you can store your items. Others use the term ‘junk drawer’ for this. You can always use a document tray or a file drawer as your storage. Instead of piling them in one corner, gather them in one place to make them look more organized. Organization in the workplace can help us to become more productive employees. We don’t want to work while seeing litter around our working space.

  • Using Zip Ties

Offices would usually have many electrical cords piling up from one another. You can always use zip ties to bundle these electrical cords. Keep them together to avoid building a cord nest in your workspace. Every small detail on your desk could create unnecessary dirt. Make sure to organize everything as much as possible.

a professional cleaner mopping the floor
Professional Cleaning Service
  • A Small Trash Bin

Keeping a small trash bin on your desk will prevent you from building up dirt on your desk. This makes it easier and more efficient for you to toss your trash. Trash, small papers, and candy wraps are usually kept in small drawers on office desks. But, with a small trash bin, you can gather your dirt in one place. In this way, you can ensure there is no room left for bacteria to accumulate.

  • Document Trays

The use of document trays can free up more space on your working desk. You can separate documents based on their purposes or categories. You can gather documents that are for mailing and those that need signatures. Separating these documents will make your work easier, too. You don’t have to go through all the files to find what you are actually looking for. 

  • Going Vertical

You can always go vertical when you do not have any desk or drawer space. Free up your space by utilizing your desk wall. You can have hanging shelves or whiteboards. Utilizing this space will give you more room for important things you need to work on. Things that need to be within your reach right away.

Does My Office Need A Professional Cleaning Service?

1. Do It To Increase Your Employee’s Productivity

When the workspace is clean and fresh, employees are happier. They are free from any dust and dirt from the workplace. The air will smell sweet, and it will be healthier to breathe. Letting a professional handle the cleaning will ensure your office is clean from ceiling to corner. If we want more productive people in the workplace, we must also look out for their environment. Provide them the things that can help them increase their productivity,

2. Reduce The Spread Of Disease

A business struggles once a disease spreads in the workplace. It can spread from one employee to another, infecting almost everyone in the office. We can always prevent this from happening if we hire a regular professional cleaner for our office. Professional cleaners know the ins and outs of commercial cleaning. We can ensure a healthier working space with their help. Stop any disease from spreading and give your office the regular cleaning it deserves.

3. It Is Cost-Effective

Some company cleaning services will only give your office the most basic cleaning process.  But, an EBS Commercial Cleaning ensures there will be no dust and dirt in your office the next day. Dust can linger on the tops of cabinets, shelves, and even blinds. You might be thinking that high-quality cleaning from professionals is expensive. But think about how this will benefit you in the long run. You don’t have to clean your office every day to ensure there will be no viruses in the area. Professional cleaners use the finest tools to give your office a brand-new look.

Enterprise Building Services ensures your office is clean and organized at all times. We want to make an everlasting impression on every client who enters your office. A clean working space can say it all. You can call us at (708) 296-9650 to know more about the services we offer. You can trust our team for everything from commercial buildings to condos and offices. Our professionals are always ready to disinfect your place with free estimates. Find the nearest Enterprise Building Services near you. With EBS commercial cleaning, you will never have to worry about a dirty office. Give your office the best commercial cleaning it deserves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phones and workstations should be cleaned and sanitized. Surfaces, handle, and doorknobs should all be clean. Wipe the light switches and door frames clean. Floors should be vacuumed or swept/mopped. Empty waste and recycling bins, and clean and disinfect as needed. Cleaning computer monitors and keyboards by dusting and wiping them. 


Emptying the trash, high dusting, sanitizing, spot cleaning, restocking supplies, cleaning the bathrooms, and mopping the floors are all part of the seven-step cleaning process. 


  • CLEANING: Clear away any clutter, dust, crumbs, or other debris. 
  • SANITIZING: By providing antibacterial solutions, you can reduce germs and the opportunity for microbes to congregate. 
  • DISINFECT: Kill germs on contact by eradicating them and preventing their spread at the source.


First impressions are important, and office cleaning is essential. A healthy environment motivates employees to get through the day, and a neat, clean, and tidy office makes the best first impression. The cleanliness of your office is critical for employee morale and retention.


  • Janitorial and housekeeping services are available. 
  • Outsourcing of Human Resources. 
  • Service for Deep Cleaning. 
  • Service for cleaning tanks. 
  • Cleaning of Upholstery. 
  • Gardening and landscaping services are available. 
  • Cleaning of the Facade/Glass. 


It protects against illness and sickness. Germs and diseases spread much faster in an unclean environment. It’s good for employee morale and boosts productivity. Ensures safety and visitors are left with a favorable impression.


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