Commercial Janitorial Services and Why Your Business Needs it

Almost all business offices in Arlington Heights, Illinois have a large number of people entering and leaving, carrying with them mud and harmful microbes. The cleanliness of the business premises can affect the sales for the business, health of the employees, customers and other visitors to the premises.

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Since it usually not feasible for almost all businesses to hire full time cleaning staff, it is advisable to hire our commercial janitorial services to keep the office, shop or other business premises spotlessly clean at extremely affordable rates.

Commercial Janitorial Services
Commercial Janitorial Services


There are many benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service to keep the business premises clean. The staff of a business is usually commuting some distance to reach the office. So they will bring dirt from outside with their footwear, clothes and accessories.

While working in the office, stationery and other items fall on the floor, dirtying it. Dust will also accumulate in areas which are not used. All this will make the business premises look messy, become less hygienic affecting the motivation and health of employees. Hiring a professional cleaning service will ensure that the business premises are always clean

Professional services

One of the reasons why most business owners prefer to hire our janitorial cleaning services is because we use the best cleaning supplies and equipment to keep the office or other premises clean. We use the best cleaning chemicals available, to remove all kinds of dirt and stains, without damaging the equipment or furniture.

Our staff will examine the dirt in the property, cause of the dirt and choose the right chemicals for cleaning. Microfiber fabric is extremely efficient in removing all the dirt, so we use a large number of microfiber towels, mops for cleaning the office, to ensure that there is no dirt.

We also have the best cleaning equipment available, which will remove the dirt from all corners of the business premises including hard to reach corners. While we use vacuum cleaners for cleaning the property daily, we also have specialized equipment for cleaning different surfaces.

For example if the office has tiles or stone flooring, we have equipment to polish the flooring to make it shine. In addition to the office or shop, we also ensure that the restrooms, lobbies and reception are also cleaned properly, using suitable equipment and cleaning supplies, based on the design and material used. We also empty the trash.

Our staff is well trained and experienced so that they can complete the cleaning quickly and efficiently. We carry out a thorough background check on our employees to ensure that they are honest and can be trusted. Hence businesses can hire our services for office cleaning confidently, since our employees are trained to only remove the dirt, they do not tamper or move any item.

We realize that businesses have invested a large amount in their office equipment and other equipment, so the employees are very careful while cleaning, taking care to ensure that the electronics and other items are not damaged.

Commercial Janitorial Services
Commercial Janitorial Services

Cleaning schedule

We can schedule the cleaning of the business premises based on the type and size of the business. Most businesses prefer that the cleaning work is completed before the start of business hours to prevent disruption. Hence most offices are cleaned early in the morning or on weekends.

Smaller businesses especially offices with few staff and visitors may require cleaning less often. In contrast, retail businesses like shops, restaurants and hotels have a large number of visitors, walk in customers and cleanliness can affect sales. Hence they may require cleaning several times a day, especially when there is heavy rainfall.

We work closely with the business owner, to finalize the most suitable cleaning schedule for the business based on the type of business, number of visitors and budget. Since we have provided cleaning services to a large number of businesses in and around Arlington heights, we are aware of how cleanliness can affect the branding and sales of the business, especially in the hospitality sector.

Businesses interested in our services, can contact our existing clients for reviews of our service. To get a free janitorial consultation for your business to find the best solution for cleaning, please contact us on phone or using the form below.

Commercial Janitorial Services (What You Should Know)

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