The Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Chicagoland

There’s a big difference between choosing a company that’s good enough versus going with the best. Enterprise Building Services (EBS) is the highest-rated commercial cleaning company, making it the right choice for your needs. Find out what makes EBS stand out among other commercial cleaning companies. Then you’ll see why so many Chicagoland businesses turn to EBS.

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Office Cleaning Company - (EBS)
Office Cleaning Company – (EBS)

Full Range of Services

When you choose EBS for commercial cleaning services, the crew will clean your office from top to bottom. EBS offers a full range of services, including office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor stripping and waxing. You can choose the services you want, or EBS can make recommendations after visiting your commercial space.


EBS is a detail-oriented company, meaning you never have to worry about the staff missing something when they’re on the job. While some cleaning companies fly through the work, EBS takes its time to ensure that each job is completed to perfection. Details are critical when cleaning a commercial space, so EBS is a clear choice.

Accurate Quotes

Some commercial cleaning companies provide quotes over the phone. Then the staff visits the property and realizes the estimate was incorrect. When that happens, they have to start over. EBS only provides quotes after touring the property. That way, the quotes are always accurate. If you don’t want a company that changes the estimate down the road, it makes sense to stick with EBS.

Affordable Pricing

Some companies decide to handle cleaning on their own because they think commercial cleaners must be expensive. While some companies do charge a lot of money, EBS is different. EBS’ fair and reasonable pricing makes commercial cleaning services affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Instead of handling the cleaning yourself, call EBS for a quote and expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Personable Crew

The team at EBS is known for being personable and helpful. They can even provide tips to help you keep your office clean and sanitized between professional cleanings. With their help, your office will always be ready to host clients.

Sanitization Is a Priority

EBS doesn’t just get rid of the dirt and grime you can see. The company uses hospital-grade disinfectants when cleaning high-touch areas such as doorknobs. By disinfecting these areas, your employees are less likely to get sick. Fewer illnesses mean fewer sick days, and that can boost your productivity.

Cleaning Around Your Schedule

Some companies forgo commercial cleaning services because they don’t want to disrupt their businesses. That’s not an issue when you use EBS for commercial cleaning services. A cleaning crew can come to your business before work or after you’re done for the day. Then the next time you show up to work, the office will be clean as a whistle.

Available for One-time Cleaning, Too

Some commercial cleaning companies will only take you on as a client if you sign a contract that allows the company to clean the office for at least a year. EBS can provide daily, weekly, or monthly cleanings, but that’s not all. The commercial cleaning company also offers one-time cleaning services when needed. This is yet another reason that EBS stands out among the crowd.

Consistent Cleaning Services

EBS sticks to a cleaning schedule, and you never have to worry about cancelations. If you schedule the crew to come out weekly, they will arrive every week without fail. The same is true for every two weeks or whatever schedule you choose.

A Company You Can Trust

You need to choose a commercial cleaning company you can trust, and that’s what you’ll get when you select EBS. EBS employs people in the local community, and each person is insured and bonded. You don’t have to stress out about letting EBS on your property. It’s no wonder people feel safe and secure enough to leave EBS alone in the office.

Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Chicagoland

If you need commercial cleaning services in the Chicago area, EBS has you covered. Join the numerous satisfied companies who trust EBS to clean their commercial properties. Whether you need EBS for one cleaning or want to get on a schedule, you can find the package that’s right for your business with EBS.

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