The Top 13 Commercial Cleaning Companies in the Chicagoland Area

Are you tired of trying to keep your facility clean and are ready for professionals to help? Hire one of the best commercial cleaning services in Chicagoland, so you can have a clean facility without all the work.

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1.     Enterprise Building Services (EBS)

Enterprise Building Services. – Commercial Cleaning Services

(EBS) Enterprise Building Solutions stands out as a top commercial cleaning company in Chicagoland. The company offers a full range of commercial cleaning services, including standard cleaning, disinfecting, floor stripping and waxing, and carpet cleaning. Read their 5 star reviews online.

The company uses the best equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants and works around your schedule. You can hire EBS to clean your commercial space once, or you can get regular cleanings. Either way, you can expect fair and reasonable prices with EBS. You can also expect top-notch service.

2.     E&K Cleaning Service

E&K Cleaning Service provides commercial cleaning to a variety of institutions, including office facilities, day care centers, schools, and hospitals. The company cleans offices, lobby areas, rooms, hallways, and kitchens, and its services range from general cleaning and dusting to vacuuming and sanitizing spaces.

3.     Green Element Commercial Cleaning Company

Green Element Commercial Cleaning Company can clean commercial spaces of all sizes and types, including medical facilities, fitness centers, and educational buildings. It tackles workspaces, bathrooms, and common areas, and a supervisor ensures that each job is done to the customer’s satisfaction.

4.     Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services offers customized commercial cleaning services. The company specializes in various spaces, including banks, medical facilities, offices, and schools, and it provides a range of services. Services include sweeping and vacuuming, sanitization, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, and special requests.

5.     JMS Commercial Cleaning Inc.

JMS Commercial Cleaning Inc. can clean offices, healthcare facilities, and more. The company offers janitorial services, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and other services for its commercial clients. It also provides deep cleaning when needed.

6.     Rainbow Property Maintenance

Rainbow Property Maintenance provides commercial cleaning services in the Chicagoland area that include floor care, sanitization, and standard cleaning. The company is environmentally friendly and uses non-toxic and biodegradable products.

7.     MSCH Maintenance Services

MSCH Maintenance Services is another top commercial cleaning company. The company has a robust training system for employees and uses tracking to ensure that employees provide top-notch services. The detail-oriented company can clean any commercial space and offers a range of services.

8.     Clean Impressions Corp.

Clean Impressions Corp. can provide everything from spring cleaning to warehouse floor scrubbing and carpet cleaning. You can choose from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services, and your contract will begin with an initial cleaning.

9.     Blu Commercial Cleaning

Blu Commercial Cleaning offers a variety of services, including commercial cleaning. The OSHA-compliant Chicagoland commercial cleaning company can tackle jobs of all sizes, whether it’s a small office or a massive skyscraper. It prides itself on taking care of details, including removing germs and crumbs from office keyboards.

10.  ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean creates custom cleaning strategies and schedules for commercial clients. The company disinfects and cleans commercial spaces that include day care centers, education facilities, restaurants, and hospitals. It also offers specialty cleaning services to its clients.

11.  System4

System4 provides an assortment of commercial cleaning services, ranging from vacuuming and trash disposal to maintaining hardwood floors. The company offers its services seven days a week, and clients can schedule a crew to come in the day or at night. 

12.  OpenWorks

OpenWorks has provided commercial cleaning services to Chicagoland businesses for over three decades. Services are customized based on the needs of the client. Along with cleaning, the company helps fight infections by using electrostatic sprayer technology to disinfect and sterilize commercial spaces.

13.  Spotless Cleaning Chicago

Spotless Cleaning Chicago is a full-service commercial cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly products and energy-efficient equipment, including auto scrubbers. It also has technologically advanced sanitization equipment.

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company in the Chicago Area

Take the next steps and contact a commercial cleaning company to find out more about the services it offers. Choose a company like EBS that offers on-site estimates from local employees to ensure you get the best price and service available. Then you can get a one-time cleaning or have the company come back regularly to keep your commercial space clean.  

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